Step 6: Technical Design of the game

Now what we have to do is Technical Design. What are classes we going to use. And how there are linked and interact among them.

We will have Four Scenes
  1. MainMenu Scene
    1. Main menu layer( which has Three Items )
      1. New Game
      2. Options
      3. Quit Game
  2. Option Scene
    1. Option menu layer( which has following Items )
      1. Sound on / off
      2. Music on / off
      3. Full Screen / window mode
      4. Go Back(to main menu)
  3. Game Scene
    1. HUD layer( which has following Items )
      1. Displays score
      2. Menu button
    2. Game layer( which has following Items )
      1. Game logics
      2. Sprites, Effects etc
  4. Game Over Scene
    1. Game over layer
      1. Label (to indicate game lost or game won)
      2. Replay game
      3. Go Back(to main menu)

Game Flow

  1. First we load MainMenu Scene with the Director.
  2. "New Game" will unload MainMenu Scene and load the "Game Scene".
  3. On clicking "Options" will push the "Options scene" over the "MainMenu Scene".
  4. On clicking "Back" in the "Options Scene" will pop the "Options Scene" and display the "MainMenu Scene" again.
  5. When our game is over, we will unload the "Game Scene" and  load the "Game Over Scene

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