WebGL Tutorial


I am starting my next tutorial on WebGL. I am expecting WebGL will be the new era of websites. Which can add 3D User interfaces for the upcoming gesture devices and touch devices and high powered hardware @ cheaper prices.
Planning one chapter per week...

System requirement:
Windows vista/ Windows 7 / Windows 8

Open this site( http://get.webgl.org  ) to check you browser supports WebGL.
Firefox [ optional install Firebug for debugging]

Text Editor:
Choose an text editor which has
highlight for html, css, js
I am checking some ide which has auto complete

Download the three.js file from the site : http://threejs.org  [ src code : https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/ ]. This is a cool wrap over WebGL, which hides a lot of line of code and work.

Source Control:
Is it really needed ?  might be your question. But, even for single user it is better to have one. As it gives unlimited "undo" what is better than that?
Git or Mercurial(Hg) both are good. I had used Hg, so i am learning git.
Also use github or bitbucket  for hosting your project.
Or if you are like me put the src in your USB and commit the codes to Src control in your USB.

so lets start