Milestone in my Indie game dev journey

It is coool for my eyes to see my game is in Trending as No 1 in India and many other countries.. Huh such a relief you know.. shabaaa...

It is more than a year in my indie game dev journey. Hard one, cracked me and felt the pain in the bones. Yet some how surviving this hard, but very interesting and challenging journey.

Download and have fun :

Heres is the snapshot from mobile...  


Dash - Twisty Circle : launching UFO Level

Since the game become one of the top free game in many countries, we planned to increase the user experience. On thinking about various ideas we came up with the following
#New game level "UFO" is added with more beautiful art.
# collect twisty circles on perfect line of travel between circles
# there is now a time limit before which you have to move to the next circle
# On moving faster you get more points and a bonus move
# Less ads to improve the quality of the user experience

Download from here : Dash - Twisty Circle