LD34 Sniper Spot


This will be my sniper spot to sit silently and work on the game dev..

Happy Gaming!!!

Ludumdare 34

This is my wallpaper for the Ludumdare 34 game jam.

Yep I'm in  for LD34 and this time i am finishing it..
Tools for this game development jam are
Game Type  : 2D Game
Engine : libgdx
IDE : Intellij Idea
Editor : Tiled (if needed based on the theme)
Concept & UI : Inkscape
Game Art : Krita , paint.net
Audio : LMMS, BFXR, SFXR, Audacity

LD33: missed  deadline due to unexpected work load in office have to work in even sunday :-(
LD32 : http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-32/?action=preview&uid=51981

Happy gaming !!!
If any 2d artist interested ping me @paruthidotexe, we can team up..

Halloween Graveyard Ride Released

Yep, since it is oct i choose the halloween theme for the game. This is the thrill ride where you manipulate the speed of character and ride along the spooky graveyard.
And also released it on oct 31 to android market as ” HALLOWEEN GRAVEYARD RIDE
Not having enough budgets to buy apple devices :-(
Tools : Unity3d, Inkscape, Paint.net, Audacity
Download Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.znop.halloweengraveyardride
Dev Blog : http://paruthidotexe.blogspot.in/
Happy Halloween,
Ponniah @paruthidotexe
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Halloween Graveyard Ride

ScreenShotSaturday : 20151031

Working on the special game "Halloween Graveyard Ride" for the festival eve and here comes the #ScreenShotSaturday from android tablet.
#HappyHalloween, #HappyGaming

Are you ready for the best halloween pumpkin ride

Here comes the next game in my #indiegamedev journey to treat you for #halloween.
Get ready for the adventure and thriller Halloween Graveyard Ride this year.

The world's most fantastical, fun, family-friendly game is back and better than ever for the festive eve.
Play as Pumpkin or one of the spooky Halloween characters, ride crazy on the graveyard.
Oh, and watch out for the sudden level changes and bats!

How to play ?
Press(long 3d touch) on the screen to manipulate time and slow down the movement of player.
But this wont affect the earth rotation or create black holes.
Just you are given the privilege to manipulate time, to cross the graveyard and save pumpkins.

This is world's first 3D touch for android inside a Halloween game.
Game play changes based on how long you press the screen.
Again, It is NOT TAP, it is LONG PRESS or 3D TOUCH.

Happy Halloween!!! Experience the new game play ;-)
"Whenever i think of festival, trick or treat, makeups, But from now i will remember this game" 

#HappyHalloween #Thriller #Graveyard

Top New Free in 7 countries

Happy to see that my game had reached in top ranks in 7 countries,

Spain : 216
Indonesia: 405
India : 77
Mexico : 419
Netherlands: 346
Russia : 337
United States : 485

Hope enjoy playing game... 

Game is developed fully in Unity game engine. 

ZigZag Noodles reached TOP 100 a new height in my Indie game journey

Today my game Zig Zag Noodles had reached TOP 100 in android market. To be exact to say it reached Rank 77 in "Game -> Casual -> Top new free" category.

If you haven't played yet download and play from HERE

This is the screenshot from my nexus tablet.

Hope you are enjoying the game.. 

This game is also awarded best game of the day in the site : http://bit.ly/1LGyvVG

Zig Zag Noodles awarded best game of the day

Zig Zag Noodles is third game in my indie game development journey. And got good appreciation from friends and game industry.

Also it has been awarded as best game of the day in this site bit.ly/1LGyvVG

Download the game from http://bit.ly/zigzagnoodlesA and have fun.

My Indie work space photo

I had a computer table and yet to buy a chair since i am on tight budget i had to wait for one month. So this is my indie workspace for almost one month.

So u can see my suitcase converted to computer table. The small papers are ideas from my brain storming. Note have all the task to do for the my game.

Released my next indie game : zig zag noodles

Here comes the launch of my next android game ZigZagNoodles[ http://bit.ly/zigzagnoodlesA ].
This is the third game in my indie game development journey.
I have used tools like Unity5, Paint,net, Sublime text 2 for this game.

Progress started with Alpha version looked like this

Since i am using Unity 5, which is less faster than Unity 4.6 wrt mobile games. Had to go through a tough phase of optimization. Then finally came up with this Beta version which looked like this.

Then finally the polished art, added sounds, end collision effect and the final version looked like 

So i'm happy to reach the next mile stone in my indie journey.
Play the game and have fun via http://bit.ly/zigzagnoodlesA 

Teaser for ZigZagNoodles

ZigZagNoodles is the next game in my indie journey. Game is in wip mode. This is teaser for the screenshotsaturday from the  alpha version of the android game. 

Next game in my indie dev journey

I am making a 3D dynamic path generation via Unity5.
So here goes the #ScreenShotSaturday image for my new game.

Unity5 Infinite progressive 2D level; WIP

In my current #indiegame development journey, i was trying to implement a infinite 2D side scrolling game. My questions are
how many sprites unity can handle ?
Is there difference between texture atlas and individual tile for 2D also ?
How to import and load Tiled map for the game ?
How to render a 3D trail render over a 2D tile set ?
and so on..
After answering all the questions now i had implemented a optimized(debatable) to load more than 650 sprites and over 4030 objects totally.
So here is my #screenshotsaturday for this week. Which bg tile set you prefer?

 I am looking for other free bg tileable tiles options too..

Started my next Indie game

Started my third #indiegame and here is image for #screenshotsaturday 

After a struggle learned a lot about the game development, business and marketing of my games. A lot of help from forums and friends made me to continue my indie game development journey to my third game. I will implement all the learning i have done in the last month in to this game. 
This will be a 2D platformer game along with some puzzles to give you some good challenge.

Unity5 WebGL Build Analysis

One more LIKE to unity for this Webgl port. Once if any animation, video and even images are flash in a website. As internet developed more new and better tools evolved like ajax, css3, html5, js, jquery... and as a game developer i see webgl as major development.
Plugin free game running in browser. This is one of the major feature which will game to reach a lot of people.
I had tried earlier webgl when introduced in a Linux environment with chromiu, then with three.js, now with unity 5.

Now I planned to port my Android game ZnopChains to webgl and publish the game online.
Upgraded the unity4 project to unity5, removed plugins like Unity Ads, Google play Achiments and Highscore, Soomla from the code. And fixed all errors because of this code removals.

Build SettingWebBuildSlow(fast builds)Fastest(very slow builds)
Resolution900 x 600900 x 600900 x 600
Publishing setting

WebGL Memorysize
Enable ExceptionsYesNoneNone
Data Caching
WebGl Template


TimeLess timeMore compared to webuildMore compared to slow(fast builds)

Files createdindex.htmlCompressed\fileloader.jsgzCompressed\fileloader.jsgz












FYI the above is not development builds.. 

These are the main files reason for the size reduction

For Android out APK Size = 20mb

Image ref
Left side Web build vs Webgl build at rightside

Supports : Desktop versions of Firefox and Chrome
Not supported:(from unity site)
  •     Runtime generation of Substance textures
  •     MovieTextures
  •     Networking other then WWW class
  •     Support for WebCam and Microphone access
  •     Most of the non-basic audio features (anything beyond basic positional playback of audio is not supported).
  •     Script debugging
  •     Threads    Any .NET features requiring dynamic code generation (just as on other AOT platforms like iOS)
  •     Runtime GI
Tip : work with "Slow(fast builds)"  and release with "Fastest(very slow builds)"

Upcoming more on webgl and unity5 topics like how to publish a unity webgl game online, how to run unity5 build on chrome...

LDJAM Experience

First of all thanks to the guys who had made this #LDJAM 32 http://ludumdare.com/compo/ possible.

Six hours before start i am lying in bed going to sleep just doing the fb, suddenly i saw the post 6hrs to go for the JAM. I had nothing installed in my system and not ready since added new HDD, the OS is fresh. First thing created account with the ludumdare.com and analysed what tools and game engine i am going to use and went to sleep.
Woke up 30 minutes before and started downloading, installing and setup everything from unity5, obs, ffsplit, MagicaVoxel, inkscape, to updating graphics drivers. And creating a/c in twitch and other sites for video streaming. But nothing worked and after 1 hour of struggle figured out my bandwidth is the issue (only 1 mbps ).

I felt too much pressure as i did this alone. Had to drop some game play mechanics and had to go with simple and quickly created arts doing all this missing compo deadline hurt me a lot.

Lot of good people in irc helping each other for the gaming community. I will play as many possible JAM games and give my feedback.

From my experience this time is for a successful JAM you have to make quick decisions and proper understanding of yourself. Drop a feature, have a feature if time permits, spending some time on Game design.

Though not happy with the output after 72hrs, i have learnt a lot since this is my first experience. To say it simple i am returning to normal world now only, with all my clothes to wash and clean the house and throw out the pizza boxes and food parcels..

Will be back with more power for the next time.. ;-)
Catch you guys later via @paruthidotexe,   http://paruthidotexe.blogspot.in

LDJAM_Final e=i formulae game

Could have done way better yep a lot learned from my first gaming jam. From how to plan, how to execute each step and a lot more from the chat with the ppl from there.Anyhow i decided to work on this game more and see how it goes.. 

LDJAM_WIP_03_Story of e = i formuale

Game Name : e = i formulae

Developer : kponniah alias paruthidotexe

Story :
We are living in a peaceful country so we destroyed all of our weapons.
Newly elected leader of neighboring country trying to capture us.
YOU being a warrior and all we want to fight them off...

Our  weapon is An Unconventional weapon e = i formulae
that is use enemy weapon to destroy them

How to use this formulae  ?
When Enemy attacks dodge it
Redirect missile towards enemy
Make them collide each-other


Creation of Air Base and MainMenu #LDJAM #LD32

Hmm.. running behind time, This when u wish time machine is real.. Created the airbase for the game and using the same airbase  as the main menu.

W.I.P Screenshot #2

Animated gif @


Which hero for the LDJAM

One of the 3 air ships want to be used as the hero character. Which is your choice ?


I am in for the first time to LudumDare

So late to come to know about this LudumDare.. I am going in for the first time with..
Unity4.6.4 for game dev
Inkscape for base sketch n concepts
paint.net & Gimp for texture atlas and art
Blender for 3d modeling
 Had to do a lot of preparation for that.. yet to download unity5, paint.net and clear some hdd space and setup all the necessary stuffs..
lets meet on the #LDJAM  #LDCompo

How to Solve Cheryls BDay puzzle

What a VIRAL puzzle on the internet.. seems this question been asked to students of 5th std in Singapore. Get the Question and Solution from HERE

Screenshot Saturday 20150405

As i am working through had planned to release the WIP screenshots on Saturdays along with the fb groups.
This is the racing game i am working on now over 2 months..
Expected release date May or June 2015.

mobileRacing photo RelaxingRide_zpsnt2tn21d.png

=[ Znop Chains ]= Gameplay video

Watch and enjoy the game play video of my new game, Launched this April 2015.
Download from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Znop.HexaChains

=[ Znop Chains ]= Game Trailer

This is my next game =[ Znop Chains ]= a brain challenge game. This is a nice and simple game. Worked fully from design, art, coding to marketing.
Download game from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Znop.HexaChains

Watch the trailer and Njoy

=[ Znop Chains ]= My next game

This is my next game =[ Znop Chains ]= a brain challenge game. This is a nice and simple game. Worked fully from design, art, coding to marketing.

Znop Chain is a casual fun filled game, where the player need to create the complex chains of hexagon. It gives real challenge to your brain.
How to play ?
When a sequence is played, you watch and observe carefully
When your turn comes recreate the znop chains in the same order.
One of the most common problem now a days is memory power after coming to smart phone era. Everyone starts to refer to phone and internet to get data which they already know. This game helps you to increase brain power and remember complex things and get them from your brain.

Tools Used :
Unity 4.6.2 free version
Blender 2.7.3

Release Date: April 2015