=[ Znop Chains ]= My next game

This is my next game =[ Znop Chains ]= a brain challenge game. This is a nice and simple game. Worked fully from design, art, coding to marketing.

Znop Chain is a casual fun filled game, where the player need to create the complex chains of hexagon. It gives real challenge to your brain.
How to play ?
When a sequence is played, you watch and observe carefully
When your turn comes recreate the znop chains in the same order.
One of the most common problem now a days is memory power after coming to smart phone era. Everyone starts to refer to phone and internet to get data which they already know. This game helps you to increase brain power and remember complex things and get them from your brain.

Tools Used :
Unity 4.6.2 free version
Blender 2.7.3

Release Date: April 2015

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