Here is the list of tutorial for developing a 2D game
Game Engine : cocos2dx
Language : C++
IDE : Visual Studio 2010

What you must know to start this tutorial?
Should have installed visual studio 2010 or visual studio 2010 express in your system.
Should have understanding of C++.
You will learn the cocos2dx in this tutorial

NOTE: This is my first ever in tutorial creation, so help me by giving feed back. Thank you

Why Cocos2dx ?

Step 1: Installing Cocos2dx

Step2: Installing Visual studio templates for cocos2dx
How to remove old cocos2dx templates ?

Step3: Creating new cocos2dx project

Step4: Understanding cocos2dx architecture

Step5: Understanding the First project[Bubble Burst]

Step 6: Technical Design of the game

Step 7: Developing Main Menu Screen

Step 8: Developing Game Screen


  1. Good tutorials,waiting for the 8th part :)

  2. nice one I am also waiting for part 8

  3. good part 8, waiting for the 9th :)