My Indie work space photo

I had a computer table and yet to buy a chair since i am on tight budget i had to wait for one month. So this is my indie workspace for almost one month.

So u can see my suitcase converted to computer table. The small papers are ideas from my brain storming. Note have all the task to do for the my game.

New Landing page for Zig Zag Noodles

Get the latest details from the page

Download the game HERE

Released my next indie game : zig zag noodles

Here comes the launch of my next android game ZigZagNoodles[ ].
This is the third game in my indie game development journey.
I have used tools like Unity5, Paint,net, Sublime text 2 for this game.

Progress started with Alpha version looked like this

Since i am using Unity 5, which is less faster than Unity 4.6 wrt mobile games. Had to go through a tough phase of optimization. Then finally came up with this Beta version which looked like this.

Then finally the polished art, added sounds, end collision effect and the final version looked like 

So i'm happy to reach the next mile stone in my indie journey.
Play the game and have fun via