Step3: Creating new cocos2dx project

1.> Open "cocos2d-win32.vc2010.sln" in Visual Studio 2010
2.> Since you have installed and build it. This will have the required debug and release libs.
3.> Create our game Project FILE -> New Project. New project window appears.
4.1> In the window select Cocos2d-x and then select cocos2d-win32 Application
4.2> Enter project name here it is "BubbleBurst"
4.3> Solution: "Add to solution"
5.> Click Next
6.> In the next window select physics, Audio and scripting library support.
For the "BubbleBurst " project i am using BOX2D.

7.> On clicking FINISH button your solution will have the new project "BubbleBurst"

8.> Now make the "BubbleBurst.win32" project as startup project.
9.> Build and run the project it will have an output like the following screen

Hip Hip Hooray
You had successfully created your first project in the Cocos2dx.
Now in the next lesson we will modify this and do the real game development.

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