I had started my career in mobile domain. First project is antivirus software for mobile. I was working in such cool and challenging project. But still felt some thing missing in my career.

Why i am happy in this gaming domain in India?
Yep!! like most of them when i am playing a game i will forget the whole world. So here i am in the gaming domain as a game programmer.
In the gaming I always found a lot of persons in a team who is so passionate to develop game and sacrifice anything for developing game. Being able to work with such teams is a very inspiring factor. Cheers!!! to all the game developers who are working their ass off for various games.

Developed games for the platforms: PSP, DS, PC and Web
Using Languages and scripts: C++, C#, Python
Using engines and tool: Unity3D, UDK, PSP-SDK, OpenGL
Now i am learning the advanced c++ and gaming technologies for making a game.

Most satisfactory factor is developing a small game. And even one person could connect and enjoy the game.