LD34 Sniper Spot


This will be my sniper spot to sit silently and work on the game dev..

Happy Gaming!!!

Ludumdare 34

This is my wallpaper for the Ludumdare 34 game jam.

Yep I'm in  for LD34 and this time i am finishing it..
Tools for this game development jam are
Game Type  : 2D Game
Engine : libgdx
IDE : Intellij Idea
Editor : Tiled (if needed based on the theme)
Concept & UI : Inkscape
Game Art : Krita , paint.net
Audio : LMMS, BFXR, SFXR, Audacity

LD33: missed  deadline due to unexpected work load in office have to work in even sunday :-(
LD32 : http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-32/?action=preview&uid=51981

Happy gaming !!!
If any 2d artist interested ping me @paruthidotexe, we can team up..