Unity Error : Animation not working with camera in android

When i am working on my new game "Tappy Cricket" in Unity 5.3.2f1, i faced the following error. Every animation works fine in editor, When taking a build it will not show in the camera inside the android.
When i tap the ball rotates in clock wise or counter clockwise. So i thought instead of writing a code to rotate it is optimized to do it in  a frame based animation using Animator component.

Questions : 
Why i am not seeing my animated object in Android?
Animation works well in Editor but not in working in Android build?

Open the Animation Window [ctrl + 6]
Select the Object which have the Animator.
Now it shows the animations for the game object selected.
For each animation,
1 > do a right click on rotation property
2 > Select Interpolation
3> Select Quaternion

Take the build again it will fix this rotation animation issue for you Android.

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