LDJAM Experience

First of all thanks to the guys who had made this #LDJAM 32 http://ludumdare.com/compo/ possible.

Six hours before start i am lying in bed going to sleep just doing the fb, suddenly i saw the post 6hrs to go for the JAM. I had nothing installed in my system and not ready since added new HDD, the OS is fresh. First thing created account with the ludumdare.com and analysed what tools and game engine i am going to use and went to sleep.
Woke up 30 minutes before and started downloading, installing and setup everything from unity5, obs, ffsplit, MagicaVoxel, inkscape, to updating graphics drivers. And creating a/c in twitch and other sites for video streaming. But nothing worked and after 1 hour of struggle figured out my bandwidth is the issue (only 1 mbps ).

I felt too much pressure as i did this alone. Had to drop some game play mechanics and had to go with simple and quickly created arts doing all this missing compo deadline hurt me a lot.

Lot of good people in irc helping each other for the gaming community. I will play as many possible JAM games and give my feedback.

From my experience this time is for a successful JAM you have to make quick decisions and proper understanding of yourself. Drop a feature, have a feature if time permits, spending some time on Game design.

Though not happy with the output after 72hrs, i have learnt a lot since this is my first experience. To say it simple i am returning to normal world now only, with all my clothes to wash and clean the house and throw out the pizza boxes and food parcels..

Will be back with more power for the next time.. ;-)
Catch you guys later via @paruthidotexe,   http://paruthidotexe.blogspot.in

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