How to develop a 2D game

First question when we want  to develop a game is
Should i write my own game engine?
Should i start wit existing game engine?

What to learn or what knowledge you should have?
If you want to create a game engine from scratch you have to learn to code Renderer, Input system, Audio,  Physics, Memory management, etc..
and if you target for more than one platform you have to write/port all these for every platform
You have to learn the architecture of the game engine and how to work with the game engine you had choosen.

List of game engines to consider

1. I am choosing cocos2dx....  why cocos2dx ?
  • Cross platform Windows, Linux, IOS, Android, Bada, Blackberry, WoPhone etc.
  • Constant updates from the developers.
  • Has various choice of languages for development C++, Java Script, Lua etc.
  •  Lot of successfully published games. A List of games published

So as a first step lets install and learn how to do a game in Cocos2dx

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Tutorials will be posted every 2nd or 3rd day...
Always open to feedback... 

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