Happy Indie game developer

To simply say it is the happiest moment for any one like me, in their indie game developer journey to see their game in the TOP Charts.

Get my indie game from DOWNHILL CYCLE RIDER 3

Rank Country Category        List
5 South Korea Racing Top New Free
6 India Racing Top New Free
13 Japan Racing Top New Free
8 Saudi Arabia Racing Top New Free
43 India Games Top New Free
9 Brazil Racing Top New Free
111 India Overall Top New Free
23 France Racing Top New Free
13 Indonesia Racing Top New Free
14 Switzerland Racing Top New Free

Being an game programmer, Finally i think i am getting hold of all these marketing stuff  and used them all of which i know for my recently released game. And i had attached the report for the rankings in the Android store above.
It is such a releif.. shabhaaaa..  Yea still working on the game for bug fix, adding leaderboard,  Achivements.

Tools used : libgdx, Android studio.
Tags :  #indiegamedev #gamedev #indiegame #androidgaming #android #GooglePlay
Update : Added bug fixes and google play services integration for highscore and achivements.

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